the chemistry of happiness

Happy chemistry faces.

After a grams-to-moles-to-moles-to-grams equation, we were given a moles-to-moles problem.

Happiness. It’s the simple things.

This year we are using the Chemistry, 2nd ed class from Great Courses. It is not a homeschooling course, so if you are looking for help for a struggling student, this is something to look into. We are halfway into the course now and I feel very safe endorsing it. The lectures focus on the principles of chemistry. This approach allows us to strip away all the interesting facts of chemistry and truly understand what affects the math we are being asked to do.

My last encounter with high school science was an event that produced what I assume was a Pity Pass – a 52%. I have since sought out excellent “science for lay people” resources to help me understand the important matters of science. But there was an intimidating disconnect between my understanding of the ‘interesting bits’ and the formulas. This course is doing the opposite for Sandra. She is getting thoroughly comfortable with the math – the foundational, logical relationships between numbers.

As Sandra is bound for a science degree, I would not be comfortable doing this course alone for chemistry at the high school level. She needs to add a layer of ‘interesting bits’ and the like. However, as the foundation for our next step it is priceless.

Speaking of priceless, if you are interested in this, look for a sale. We got it for less than $80 in January.


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