Cracking Up

Those of you with younger kids – deep in the most intense phase of parenting, when your radar is set to its most sensitive and your mind feels like goop and life is putting out fires and trying to keep ahead of them with all their energy and ideas – I want to encourage you.

Your investment pays off. They grow up into incredible people.

They will help you set the table. They will notice your frown and give you a shoulder massage. They will use a plate when eating crackers. (Sometimes. We’re working on this one.)

They will be people you want to spend time with. If I boil all of my parenting aims and methods into one sentence it is: “I want my children to grow up to be adults I would love to invite over for supper.”

Photoshoot outtakes

Photoshoot outtakes

Photoshoot outtakes

outtakes from a photoshoot that utterly failed to capture the hats but completely caught the relationship


4 thoughts on “Cracking Up

  1. Jennifer says:

    I think there are glimpses of that at our house–my Charlotte mastered the two-wheeler AND got cat-sitting money this weekend so she and her dad biked off to Starbucks to celebrate. Just hanging out. I still feel very much “in the trenches” with our youngest, though.

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