These are not the hats you’re looking for

I started out trying to make a hat to replace this one:

Kami Hat

But as you can see, it came out a little differently:

Charity hat

It was the Kami Hat, Sandra’s favourite hat last year, sadly misplaced. The first one used more than half the skein. To keep from running out of yarn I had to shorten it, and it lost all of its slouchy appeal. So it’s off to charity.

Sparkle Slouch


Then this was meant to be a slouchy hat for her using the yarn she created at Portland’s Yarnia shop. But it’s too prickly for her because of the sparkle thread. But someone in town will find it in the hat box at the food bank and be happy. It was designed using the Scant Pattern top-down, any gauge basic pattern, and I threw in some texture and a big panel of ribbing. Looks great, feels like a cheese grater on her forehead she says.

Charity Hat

Charity Hat

I actually meant this one for charity right from the start. I had more than one skein of Patons SWS left, so I modified the Hurricane hat to have a nice deep brim and a longer spiral section. Matthias may want this one, though, completely keeping up with this month’s pattern of hats that aren’t for who I think they are…


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