Excellent Socks

I have a little more knitting to show today. We’re doing very well in our second week of homeschooling, deep into the time when subjects exit the warm Welcome Phase. It means we’re starting to know how long things will really take each day, and what order makes more sense. In the meantime, there has been a lot of knitting going on that I can show you while we do more invisible work like learning.

Katniss Socks

Katniss Socks

Katniss Socks

I’m not a fan of braided cables for some reason. I think maybe they just look too prim on sweaters. On these socks, however, I found them charming. It probably has something to do with the name – that famous and practical braid of Katniss in The Hunger Games.  I also enjoyed the unusual details in the gusset.

Next time I would do the cuffs on skinnier needles as the ribbing is much looser compared to the section where the cable stitches start overlapping. I did end up changing the stitch count and the gusset a bit, so check my Ravelry project page if you’re interested in the details.


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