Summer Cardigan

Amiga cardigan

I knit a fabulous cardigan this summer. It was stupid-easy, perfect for travel knitting. And when I got there, it was perfect for wearing. It works over sundresses. It works with shorts. It works with everything in my wardrobe.

It’s the kind of dusty ice blue that just plain flatters. It’s the kind of classic style that will never go out of fashion. (At least in my world.) The nubby variations in the cotton make this a kind of artsy cardigan that really appeals to me. I’ve been wanting something in yarn like this for a long time. In fact, when the pattern first came out I really wanted to make it. But I assumed that the yarn was out of my budget. (It wasn’t.) I got the yarn for my birthday and searching what to do with it on Ravelry lead me straight back to this pattern.

It’s Amiga, a free pattern on Knitty. It’s an incredibly easy pattern. Perfect for beginners if you’re looking to dip your toe into the sweater pond.

The yarn is Cotton Flamme, and it softer than I thought cotton could be. I spent part of each family gathering this summer telling people to touch it…”No seriously, it’s like a kitten.”

I did add some modifications in terms of sleeve length and some waist shaping. You can find those here.

In the picture, I hadn’t yet added the two buttons. I ended up doing that after we got back and it has been so hot that I haven’t worn it since, much less taken a picture.


One thought on “Summer Cardigan

  1. CathyT says:

    Love the color, love the style (no it will never go out of style) and thanks for sharing. I do love those socks too with the braid, especially the one in the back of the sock! I guess I am all about loving knitted items right now….fall weather brings that out in me.

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