Grade 9 Homeschooling Plans

I should note that Matthias is not in Gr 9 in all subject areas. He is maturing by leaps and bounds, and his ability to accept instruction and his interest in buckling down are far better than they were. The subjects where he has gaps are being addressed with real focus this year.  In particular, I’m hoping that he will learn to stop psyching himself out – he talks himself into being intimidated by things.  Confidence is a big goal this year.

English: Vocabulary Vine;  our teen book club (see a few posts back); Write On!; also typing with Mavis Beacon

Geography: Trail Guide to World Geography

Science: he is covering biochemistry with my father this year using The Way Life Works, an excellent illustrated book

Math: Key To… series

German: Rosetta Stone, slowly spoken news with transcripts from Deutsche Welle, and a trip to Germany.

History: Foundations of Western Civilization, from Great Courses.

Volunteering: he will begin working one afternoon each week at the local animal shelter

Phys Ed: soccer, ultimate frisbee

Fine Arts: dance

Extra: How to become a Superstar Student from Great Courses.


One thought on “Grade 9 Homeschooling Plans

  1. Rain says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! After your last post describing your coffee shop planning session, I was so curious to know more details. Your children are so very lucky!! I’m jealous and wish I could study with you, too 🙂

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