Grade 11 Homeschooling Plans

I thought I’d share our plans, since talking programs and ideas never seems to get old. I will start with Sandra’s plans.

Sandra (Grade 11)

English: Vocabulary Vine; Apples Daily Spelling Drill; our teen book club (see a few posts back); “To Kill a Mockingbird” book study from Center for Learning. (They have the best secular book guides I’ve found.)

Academic Writing: Finding a secular program that is strong was tricky. I’ve settled on Jensen’s Format Writing. It transitions from paragraphs to essays. I especially appreciate the section on condensation – the ability to read and condense is one of the key missing pieces in many university students. I used Donna Young’s syllabus to schedule our year, but I substituted the section on condensation for the section on business writing.

Trail Guide to World Geography

Chemistry: The Great Courses: High School Chemistry, a DVD lecture set with accompanying exercises

Physics: Conceptual Physics

Environmental Science: she and my dad are covering a university text together.

Math: Teaching Textbooks Geometry

German: Rosetta Stone, slowly spoken news with transcripts from Deutsche Welle, and a trip to Germany.

History: Foundations of Western Civilization, from Great Courses.

Volunteering: she works one afternoon each week at Ten Thousand Villages.

Phys Ed: Running half-marathons, soccer.

Fine Arts: dance.

Extra: How to become a Superstar Student from Great Courses.


2 thoughts on “Grade 11 Homeschooling Plans

  1. momco3 says:

    Thanks for including the marathoning, soccer and dance. They count, and they add up when you are looking at the complexity of building a “school” and a person.

  2. Rosa May says:

    I Sarah you did a Canadian Studies unit or year with you kids correct . If so what really stood out and would you suggest. You can email me if you have time. Rose May

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