Planning it All

Planning Almost Complete!

We’ve transitioned from being relaxed and eclectic year-round homeschoolers to much more scheduled. It’s partly to reassure Sandra’s worries about measuring up to her peers’ workload, and partly because it’s high school, and partly because I need the summers off now.

I have been working furiously so that our last week before school starts can be a holiday week. I think I’ve done it. Let’s hope that I don’t discover another piece to prep.

If you need resources as you get ready for this coming school year, don’t forget about Donna Young’s extraordinary free resources. Calendars, planners, math, grammar – from planning to teaching she’s got a range of resources that might just blow your mind but save your budget.


2 thoughts on “Planning it All

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’ve got a friend who has pulled her kids out of school and has spent the summer planning her homeschool year–I shared the site you linked with her and she is ever-so grateful. You just saved her a lot of hair pulling and Vodka chugging.

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