Things that Worked: Part 1

I’m going to start mentioning programs or techniques that really worked for us in our past year’s homeschooling.


First up: Vocabulary Vine. This is a simple, cheap, and effective vocabulary program that teaches 108 Greek and Latin roots.  I liked that the words chosen were words my kids were likely to know or encounter, and the spiral nature of the program both previews and reviews continuously.  It was something we could just ‘pick up and do’ in a few minutes.  Now that’s a winner!


We didn’t do any of the games, and maybe my kids need more review because of that, but that’s neither here nor there for you.


2 thoughts on “Things that Worked: Part 1

  1. Ann says:

    I love this idea–I’m always looking for ideas that work. My son has had vision issues/therapy too and language arts subjects are a real challenge for him. We started using Spell to Write and Read in January and it’s the first program that we’ve tried that is resulting in real improvement in his spelling and language skills, but it has a pretty large learning curve for the teacher. They suggest a supplemental Greek/Latin roots study. I’m especially taken with the idea that it is something we can just pick up and do. Need more of that!

  2. Jackie says:

    This does sound good. We use Vocabulary Spelling City for vocabulary practice because I can program what she works on. This year we are going to enroll in Time4Learning’s new high school program, so excited! I didn’t see vocabulary offered as a separate resource, so we will continue with Voc. Spelling City–we love them anyway. LOL

    Here is a link to the new program if anyone is interested.

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