Summer Breezes

Summer Cardigan

Summer Cardigan

This started out as a Featherweight Cardigan, but aside from the cast on row, I changed everything. So I’m calling it Summer Breezes and thinking of it as a cardigan inspired by the idea of a ‘light something’. It’s filling a gap in my wardrobe for tossing over summer dresses and tank tops.

The lace is Persian Lace Poles from ‘Knitting on the Edge’ by Epstein. I was instantly drawn to how structural it is. I’m not much for frilly or feminine patterns, and the lace I am drawn to almost always has an architectural feeling to it. This was a great stitch and I’ll be using it again.

The yarn is Eaton’s Yarn Lady Fair 3 ply Sayelle Baby. It comes from my Oma, and is so old that 1) no yardage is listed; and 2) it’s an Eaton’s yarn. I had no idea that Eaton’s had a yarn line. It’s the nicest acrylic I’ve ever worked with, soft and light. I used less than 100g (2 balls). After I did a little measuring and weighing , I think that I used about 500 meters.


I discovered that applied i-cord is gorgeous and tidy and so perfect for edging! Look at the difference it made on the sleeves. I am tempted to add it to everything now, even the coffee table.


2 thoughts on “Summer Breezes

  1. Nicole Veldhouse Pivec says:

    It’s REALLY lovely!! And despite your claim that you’re not much for frilly or feminine, I can’t help but think how very ladylike it is. And just think how appropriate an applied i-cord on a coffee table would be for those with toddlers in their midst. I think you’re on to something there.

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