Sitting Down

I am oddly having trouble accepting that I am on summer holiday. I think there are two things going on: 1) guilt – so much time off while Rainer heads off to work each day seems unfair; which combines with 2) the fact that the house and yard have really taken a back seat this spring as soccer coaching has eaten up our evenings and weekends.

Yesterday I added ‘just one more thing’ to my day until I used it all up. Oh, I got lots done! But I was feeling a little used up. Painted heating grates, sanded the door, repainted the door, and more. It was a satisfied ‘used up’ feeling, but it made me realize that I ought to alternate productivity with investing in myself.

Today I did a lot, including 2 hours of knitting while watching the Brasil-Uruguay soccer game.


2 thoughts on “Sitting Down

  1. katharine says:

    Taking time can really be hard. Today, after weeks of saying I needed a break I sent hte kids off to karate with Peter for two hours and then felt immediately like I should be doing something. I succumbed to the feeling and did some advance birthday shopping. I know I really should learn to take a rest but instead I run and clean and make food. Thanks for the reminder.

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