I’m torn between two types of pleasure.

You see, it’s my birthday and we’re done homeschooling so I have most of a day to do what I want.

I have a sweater on the needles that I am designing. I have visions of cool evenings, sundresses and bare shoulders, and just the right piece of white knitting to toss on. But I am having such a time with the front bands of my sweater!

Needing collar advice

I’ve tried 3 different approaches. I like the look of the third, but my stitch to row ratio is utterly wrong and I need to rip back and start again.

Third time's a failure

Which impulse should I follow: to stuff it away for the weekend and cast on 4 new projects (quite out of character) or should I rip it back, cast one project on, and then take both with me on our soccer tournament weekend so that I can get the sweater done in time for the June due date of the various knitalongs and in time for summer wear?

Which Sarah wants her fun: the productive and steady one, or the uncharacteristically zany one? While I wait for them to settle it, I’ll cast on Katniss socks in a lovely grey and start my summer read aloud project with Sandra. We’re going to try to do Lord of the Rings. She failed on her own partway through ‘Two Towers’.


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