Colour on our long run

We found colour on our long run this Sunday.  Sandra and I decided to head out of town for our run. There is something very freeing about running the grid roads. Just by leaving the boundaries of the city and stepping into the landscape of quarter-sections, windbreaks, and stubble, we seem to transport ourselves away.

The weather – cool yet humid, winds full of the pushing force of damp air – reminded us of our runs in Holland, back in 2008 when we spent part of Rainer’s sabbatical there. That added yet another layer of far away to our perception.

Running can have an almost sci-fi ability to alter our perception of the spaces around us.


One thought on “colour

  1. evelyn says:

    So, so true. I tend to run along the same route most days but every now and then, it’s inspiring to turn a different corner. Thanks for the great pic!

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