Light reading

I tried to get into this book and that book, but they needed me to commit. Commit to learning a new history, new culture, new social structure. I needed something with for a reader with commitment issues. It turns out that I needed…

“Hold Me Closer, Necromancer” This is a surprise hit with me, because other than Buffy the Vampire Slayer, my entire opinion on the Undead Obsession currently sweeping pop culture can be summed up as meh. It sometimes seems that boring, dumb, and shallow undead vie with stupid, gory, and twisted undead on every book cover and new show. Put the word ‘paranormal’ in the gushing description and my eyes roll.

This book was a perfect book this weekend. Charming, light, easy to start and then compelling as it developed. The characters were real and the banter was funny. Unsurprisingly, it was another recommendation from Bakka Phoenix, the Toronto book shop that seems able to peer into our family’s hearts and find the perfect pages for them. It’s YA and was bought for Sandra, my 16 year old, who also enjoyed it and found the style smooth and easy to slip into.

And finally, finally, finally a slacker main character who, thrown into a weird new world, vows to learn every thing he can. Oi, how it bothers me that Harry Potter – yes, Potter I’m looking at you specifically just now, although you are by no means alone – never seems to link knowledge with power about any facet of his new world, his past, his…anything. It’s convenient for plots to have laid-back characters shrug their shoulders and learn as the plot forces them, but it’s an easy route that lacks any convincing edge.


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