Time for a bit of new life in the kitchen.

Time for a refresher

Same cotton, same colour to begin with, but months of hard service for the bottom cloth.

I’m taking part in the Use It or Lose It challenge this year. It’s a simple concept – identify older yarns that for whatever reason are either languishing or causing a lot of head-scratching. You use it. Or you lose it. This month I used up the remainder of a huge ball of cotton that I’d bought for the price rather than the colour.

Experience has taught me that pale kitchen cotton doesn’t fare well. It fades, it greys, it grimes. I’ll be sticking with bolder colours in the future.


This weekend I worked up three Quick and Easy Dishcloths. I’ve discovered I like how quickly crochet tackles these, and the texture of crochet makes them good & scrubby.


2 thoughts on “Refresh

  1. Ann says:

    I agree about the light colored cotton yarn for dishcloths. Watch out for the red, maroon, and brick colored yarns though–the color bleeds for a long time.

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