Transition Monday

Not so much with the plunge back at it, here at Chez Handmade.

We have taken Monday off, too. I feel like it took me 5 days to get into the holiday part of the holiday. Rainer had knee surgery the Friday that kicked off March Break, and while he could walk, I was Chief Cook and Bottlewasher on all fronts. And somehow dozens and dozens of errands began replicating and complicating… So it was almost with relief that I became mildly sick, sat down, and stopped saving the world for a few days.

I need today to get us back up to being ready for getting ready, as it were.

I’m a huge believer in on-ramps. In fact, a big part of my homeschooling scheduling philosophy relates to on-ramps. It goes like this:

We don’t get to the highway, turn right, and go 100km per hour. We have an on-ramp, a curved approach that allows us to turn and accelerate, merging with traffic. We don’t flick a switch, we transition.

Our habits and our brains work that way, too. In September, we start off with a few subjects the first week and then add on. After holidays, we don’t have intimidatingly ambitious Mondays.

Be kind to yourselves, whatever you’re doing today. Some days are fast days, some are slow. Some days you’ll conquer, somedays you’ll survive. It’s all part of life. Don’t judge yourself unfairly. Be kind to yourselves.


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