Montego Bay

Cue the “Sisters, Sisters” song from “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”.

Montego Bay scarf

Montego Bay scarf

We both made the Montego Bay scarf, possibly the best spring scarf ever. Also possibly the best ‘toss it on as a little bit of neck jewelry’ scarf ever. Also possibly an addictive pattern that I will knit again and again.

Katie made hers in a silk laceweight and cast on the number of stitches called for in the pattern. I used Camelspin, a silk-camel blend and cast on 2 fewer stitches than called for.

Tip: Fringing is easier if you put a weight like a book on the end you’re working. It fidgets less when you’re braiding.

Montego Bay scarf

I included a fringe-less picture. I think the fringe really does finish this scarf off, giving it a beautiful and polished look.

Montego Bay scarf

Montego Bay scarf

I found the pattern a bit…needy. By this I mean it the lace stitch was beautifully straight-forward and easy-peasy, but I had to look at it all the time. This isn’t knitting-and-reading material. It’s more knitting-and-audiobook material.

Montego Bay

The Camelspin is amazing. I was worried that the yarn would be shiny because of how it looked unknit – and I am not a sparkly, shiny sort of person. But it just has an incredible steely sheen that really is incredible. And the drape? Also incredible.


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