To Fail

Today I asked Matthias to teach me how to play his current video game obsession. It is a world I don’t enter very often. I am rather terrible with all the buttons and find the noise a bit off-putting, and there are 3 other people who’d love to play if I put the controller down to watch and knit. Knitting satisfies me, and allows me to hang out and be a part of their triumphs and agonies.

Today, I needed to ask. I needed to enter into his delight, his world, his passion.

I was terrible. I needed to move my ‘body’ with one knob, change my field of vision with another, and shoot with a button. It was amusingly difficult. Move and look. I was utterly undone.

Think of how hard babies work to get their hands into their mouths when they’re first trying to eat all their toys. Think of how a five year-old sits with tongue on lip, sternly frowning as he grinds a pencil into a page of paper while writing his name.

As a homeschooler, a teacher, it was not a bad thing to be a beginner. A failing beginner. It was not a bad thing to be a guest in another’s world.

I’m going to go back to it, at least a few times. I need to give myself a few more chances, and he needs to see me persistently trying. Attempting. Failing and laughing and hopefully learning.


One thought on “To Fail

  1. Cheryl says:

    What a fantastic attitude and outlook. Your right, we need to show them (the ones younger than us) that we still can learn and try new things! Thank you for opening my eyes this morning and remind me to learn from them too!

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