Purple cables

“Purple cables”…can there be two more satisfying words together?

But they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’d best share one.

Sweater design well underway

20cm into the sweater. It’s really great to be working on something of my own creation again. In collaboration with Sandra, of course. It’s for her 16th birthday.

I’ve pinned it with needles to get a sense of the balance of the asymmetry, but in the finished sweater there will be a button band between cable and right side. I’m not wanting it to be all purple or all black, so there will probably be some sort of fancy solution using intarsia to get a nice polished look.

I’m knitting on it pretty passionately. For one thing, the other cardigan I’m working on has run out of space on the needles and I’m waiting for the package to arrive with longer needles. For another thing, I really want to see what this cable looks like when the repeats build on each other. One repeat is 44 rows long, so I only swatched one. I am curious to see what it will look like with more presence.

Here is the swatch:



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