Keeping the Vacation Feeling

One thing that perplexes me about homeschooling is how to make time off feel like time off. After all, I’m still in the same space, with the same people, everyone still needs feeding, and everything still needs cleaning. Where exactly in that is the blissful vacation? Or bliss of any kind when I need a break?


I’ve been refusing to make To Do lists, as one approach.

I’ve cast on a sweater for myself: the Clarity Cardigan.

I have planned crock pot meals so that late afternoon is not full of head scratching for ideas and the subsequent chopping. Tasty, healthy meals are non-negotiable, but they can be made simpler.

I am doing what strikes my fancy. I had planned to knit today, instead I was struck with a desire to sew knitting project bags, and I did that instead. Have an idea, follow through on the idea. No putting it off until some other time, no mental list.

Project Bags

I’ve been reading what suits me, too. Not a lot, but more reading than I’ve done since September, not counting magazines and online. I polished off a P.G. Wodehouse in the past few days. Delightful place to spend a vacation, his landscape.


5 thoughts on “Keeping the Vacation Feeling

  1. momco3 says:

    Oh, yes! I’ve been asking myself the same question: what makes this vacation? At least when we finish our “daily work” normally, I feel like I can call half a hour my own. Not so on vacation. I like your approach.

  2. skywind8skywind8 says:

    I telecommute / work from home, so faced similar things, though without kids. For me, this holiday break was about exploring new interests, creating concrete things with my hands when my usual day involves creating abstract things with my mind; and very much about unscheduled time and the whim of the moment with no guilt.

  3. katharine says:

    I also cast on for a Clarity Cardigan as my holiday project! Breaks are hard to settle into as unschoolers for sure but we try to spend more time doing frivolous things and really emhasizing the together time. Cookies, dessert after dinner, family reading and new games made this one great.

  4. Kelly Brown says:

    That cardigan is so beautiful. I am inspired! However I’ve still got a pair of socks to finish and a vest waiting to be started. Oooh, maybe I can use the vest yarn for this sweater instead. Lovely! Lovely!

    I agree about, ‘where is the line between school/life learning and ‘vacation’ time?’…

    Happy new year!

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