Some times, you need to make tiny things. Especially if you can hang them on a tree. The two red ones are for my co-workers at Weight Watchers, who’ve been great this past 6 months as they took over for the other receptionists. They do all the fiddly paperwork and let me focus on helping people.

Mini Cabled Ornaments
Pattern: Mini Sweater Ornament
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll in Firecracker Heather
While I love the cable on these, I do find the neck opening a little wide.

Mini Turtleneck
Pattern: Mini Sweaters
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Bare and Firecracker Heather

I made the neck longer to be a turtleneck, in case the tree was cold, you know how it is.

The colourwork I improvised.

The hangers I made by bending large paperclips.  Just fake it, it’s not too hard and it’s not like they’re expensive.

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