Being Thankful for Yarn

I had a lovely Thanksgiving this past weekend: not very full, lots of time to think and relax and play.  And one of the things that was on my mind was being thankful for my yarn stash.  (See what I did there?)  When I look into my stash, I want to be thankful for what I see there.  Quantity isn’t the problem. I live 2 hours from the nearest yarn store, and having a large stash is something I like.  It’s the quality of the stash that I’m talking about.

Now obviously I’d love to have a stash made entirely of drop-dead gorgeous, artisan, primo yarn.  But I’m not dreaming of being a rich girl here.  I want to deal with what I think of as ‘problem yarn’.  Those balls that make me scratch my head.  What do I do with you?

Itchy, weird, wrong colour.  Puzzling in some way.

B Rainbow blue

My first step was to label it all in Ravelry: Problem Yarns.  Then I decided that I didn’t really want the bother of trying to sell any of it.  For one thing, my time is at a premium these days.

B Lopi lilac

So my second step was to pick several yarns that I knew someone would enjoy, and give them away.  Better well loved by them than irritating me.  Out.  Sigh.

My third step was to begin brainstorming what to do with the rest.  I used Ravelry’s excellent search features.  I looked both at the ‘pattern ideas’ pages for the particular yarn, as well as searching for patterns that used that yardage in that weight of yarn. (0-150 yards of worsted, for instance)  As I came across good ideas, I would add a tag to the yarn page – the yarn was now a ‘problem’ with a ‘plan’.   See here.  Step Three is ongoing.

For step four, I need to figure out a mechanism to work going forward. Goals work best when they are specific; you know you’re there only if you define where ‘there’ is.  I know that I’d love it if I could manage to halve the number of problem yarns.  I started with 57 entries tagged ‘problem’.  But I’m hankering for something more specific.  Like knitting every other project from problem yarn in 2013.  Or something.  Thinking…
Yarnia 4

dk Norsewol Extra


One thought on “Being Thankful for Yarn

  1. leslie says:

    A few years ago I took all of my “problem” yarn (and I used to own a yarn shop so there was quite a bit of it) and made length-wise garter stitch scarves, switching yarns every row (which will also self-fringe the scarf as you go). I used a size 10 needle for the whole thing. They were surprisingly pretty and I gave several of them as gifts. Used up a boatload of odd-bits and strange yarns. A thought maybe?

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