Meadowlark Vest

Meadowlark Vest

I wanted a leafy, lacy layering piece for fall, I wanted autumnal colours for my complexion and wardrobe. The Meadowlark vest was something I’d had my eye on for a while. It’s knit using lace-weight doubled, but I had some leftover Silky Tweed, 06, (Elspeth Lavold) that gave me the right gauge. Since I am much more likely to be far too cold than overheating, it’s a good swap.

Meadowlark Vest

Meadowlark Vest

I haven’t don’t the icord around the armholes yet. Still debating whether to.  It might give the heavier yarn some needed structure.

I blocked the top middle area flat, but having seen how the top emerges from the back and kind of flops around the neck, I’m thinking of re-blocking it sort of pleated so that it ripples rather than what is happening now. Could be because my yarn is so much heavier. Yes I got gauge, but the effect is obviously so different.

I gave it a litttle more room in the hips by using 4mm needles for bottom 3.5 reps.

How perfect that the bushes in the yard lit up two days ago for the photoshoot.

Meadowlark Vest


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