Prepping for Fall

Reseeing my Wardrobe with Jen

Oh, yes, I am knee-deep (although a better image might be a Post-It flurry) in last-minute homeschool prep. But I took time last week to see a dear friend and have her cast her eye over my wardrobe. I was inspired by the 10 Items 10 Ways concept at Ricki’s, but I didn’t limit us to 10.

I wanted her to invent outfits for fall that I wouldn’t think of myself. She’s good with outfits, with colour, with knowing what I mean when I say ‘artsy but tailored’.  She gets people and she gets clothes.  Some pieces are ‘problem’ pieces that I gave her a mission to make part of my regular cycle (I’m looking at you, royal blue blouse). The jacket is new ($12 sale!) and I wanted to see if we could make it casual enough to wear everyday. Because while I love a tailored/artsy mix, I sometimes feel out of place wearing the more tailored outfits I love at home. And I work at home. So that’s an issue.


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