local treasures

Louis Riel House

You might not be local enough to enjoy this small house with a big connection with history, so here’s an online tour.

We stopped in now, while it still has funding.  We’re studying Manitoba history in depth next year, but it looks as though our government doesn’t think Canadians should fund the Louis Riel House any longer.

I’m getting the unit study ready, reading or skimming a whole lot of books, and I’m loving it.  Manitoba’s history is fascinating.  And central.  Not just geographically, either. The connection between the fur trade, exploration, relations between First Nations and Europeans, the homesteaders…this story packs quite a wallop.  I’ve always said that as a homeschooler one of my key principles was to give the kids a deep understanding of one place in high school because in knowing about a place – it’s history, economics, geography, people – we would learn about learning, learn about humans, and learn deeply.  How lucky that we happen to live in a province with such a dynamic history!

I’ll be sharing our list of books soon, and I’ll have a highlights list for those of you who may be far away but who are interested in a glimpse of stories that illustrate North American history.


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