Creativity and Lessons

“Imagine, for a moment, that you’re a student. You’ve been plucked out of your classroom and dropped into a new classroom, in an unknown country. Are you able to tell, from the way you are being taught, whether you’re in a democratic or totalitarian state?”


Good question, isn’t it.  Even for homeschools.


“How Schools Are Fostering Creativity by Handing Control to Students”

“The key to unlocking this creativity was to empower the students to question. “We assume that kids are naturally creative and that they know how to question the status quo. And they are not,” said Ms. Stiles. “By the time we get them in high school they are just looking for marks, and we taught them to be like that.””


One thought on “Creativity and Lessons

  1. Homeschooling Mother Clucker says:

    This is the biggest reason I chose to keep homeschooling. Didn’t want to let education get in the way of their learning!

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