Reading “Across the Universe” with possibly the most gripping opening chapter I have ever read, and certainly the most gripping in a long, long time.  It’s classic sci-fi with humans on a spaceship boundless distances from Earth.  I haven’t read this sort of sci-fi in years.  Love it. Palette-cleansing.

Listening to “At Home: A Short History of Private Life”, the sort of wide-ranging, companionable book filled with amusing anecdotes which I like to imagine my thoughts resemble.

Knitting the toe of a sock.  How satisfyingly close to completion.

Parenting two children through the panic-filled last hours before a science fair.  Next year we’ll be done a month in advance, I swear it.

Running in bright sunlight and brisk, chilly wind.  But loving the sun and the prairie-blue sky despite the wind.

Ignoring the vacuuming, the empty fridge, the cat vomit.  They’ll all be there in two hours.



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