Happiness is…

…a rapidly decreasing raglan sweater.

April 11

I’m working on Saranac for my dad. I’m on fire with knitting drive, and am thinking of knitting one of these sweaters next: Friday Again, Mandel, or Folded.  I’ve realized my closet is stuffed with cardigans, and I loooove me some cardigans, but what I really reach out for  some days, days when I feel rather more Piglet than Tigger, is a nice, simple, classic sweater to throw on.


One thought on “Happiness is…

  1. Cheryl says:

    I love Friday Again and Mandel, they are now in my favorites. I really love Folded too, especially the drape created under the bust. However I find I don’t like 3/4 sleves ( I kow this is an easy fix) when it is cool out, they bunch up under a coat and just become a hassel. Can’t wait to see which one you do first.

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