a quote and a question

try something


“We must be willing to be a beginner over and over again in order to live a full life.”

Jill Badonsky


What are you trying? starting? dreaming? stumbling over?


I’ve started Spanish lessons with Rosetta Stone.


One thought on “a quote and a question

  1. skywind8 says:

    I started bellydance classes! So much fun! Last year my New Year’s motto was “Make more mistakes” (ie, try more new unfamiliar things; be more daring) and it worked so well that I am sticking with it again for this year too.

    A big part of that is being willing to no longer be who I used to be, in order to discover who I can become. (That’s no small task – it’s so easy to hold too tightly to my self-image and shrug off opportunities that aren’t (yet) me.)

    Of course I stumble, and of course it’s hard, and of course I look awkward figuring out all these new ways to move. But I’m DOING IT. Skill will come later.

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