Isn’t it funny?

March 22


Isn’t it funny that I feel more stressed and less rested after our week off?

The stress comes from the fact that this past week I had time to reflect on where we are and what will likely get done before the end of June. And the fact that I had time to start thinking of the next school year.

But I should feel more rested. I’m owed.


One thought on “Isn’t it funny?

  1. Ann says:

    I know that feeling! Isn’t it funny? I actually find all vacations quite stressful, especially since becoming a parent. So much to do before you go, and all the parent stuff doesn’t go away just because you aren’t at home. Mounds of laundry when you get home plus all the house stuff that didn’t get done while gone. Whew! I am feeling stressed just thinking about it.

    My favorite vacation is when my husband and children are out of town together for a couple of days and I get to be ALONE IN MY HOUSE. No stress, no bother! I love it, but I’m always glad when they come home again.

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