Free Time

We don’t usually match our spring break with the schools’ break.  Facilities are crowded, and the weather is always pretty horrid at this time of year.    Usually we do a week off in February to shake off the late-winter blues, and then when the glorious weather hits in May we take another week.  But I was getting into a rough patch this month, and Tias is loving the time with his school friends.

What to do with this free time?  There are tasks, of course, like cooking and baking to get ahead of the soccer season, and trying to do some housework, and such like.  But the point is also to have swathes of ‘whatever time’.

I have a recommendation for you, if you’re looking for ‘whatever’ to fill your ‘whatever time’.  The Perfect Runner is a fascinating, motivating, inspiring look into human evolution.  From the website: “How did Homo sapiens evolve to dominate the planet?  How did our ancestors hunt before they developed weapons? The answer, you’ll be amazed to learn, is that humans became nature’s perfect endurance runners.  With a skill that evolved far earlier than the development of our powerful brains, our African ancestors had the ability to outrun all animals around them, allowing them to endure and ultimately thrive.”

The link has a way  to watch the full episode.  It’s about 45 minutes, but you’ll be transported to Africa, Siberia, and the Canadian Rockies, as well as back in time.  And for those of us who aren’t out in the tropics this week, mental travel can be pretty rewarding.  And for those of us who like to put our bodies to use, it’ll drive you to fill at least a part of your ‘whatever time’ with some sweating.


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