mar 8 - 366 - 66
Sandra working through questions before entering them into her laptop.


We switched to Teaching Textbooks this year and are very happy. Tias takes direction from the computer in an emotionally detached way – not the way he and I related during math at all. Sandra enjoys the fact that there are only 20 or so questions to practice each concept, although she wishes there was a way to have extra practice for places where she feels a little shaky.

And I love not having to teach math any more. I enjoyed it for a long while, in particular because I was finally becoming solid on the (many) areas I had problems with in school. By the end of last year, though, I was tired of the struggle to get Tias to the table while also starting to be out of my depth as Sandra headed into algebra and other ‘maths that get funny’.

Usually by March I’m feeling jaded with all the curricula we started in September, even the good ones. Not this one. It’s still giving the kids a solid education while freeing me up to throw my energy into creating new unit studies.


3 thoughts on “Math

  1. Sasha says:

    We don’t even have our children yet, but I intend to homeschool and find your posts so very encouraging, real, and wonderfully helpful!
    Fabulous photography too – thanks so much for keeping your blog 🙂

  2. hopewellmomschoolagain says:

    Teaching Textbooks Algebra I wowed our public school teacher. It’s such a great way of teaching.

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