a set of days

It has been interesting to see how documenting a moment or a view each day for Project 366 is once again helping me remember to see what is in front of me and to cherish the little moments.

Mar 5- 366:63
Origami cranes: the current obsession.

Mar 2- 366:60
A tangle of warm browns, the leftover flower stalks from a glorious splash of yellows and reds in the summer. A reminder of warmth and growth in the winter depths, and a treat for the birds.

Mar 1- 366:59
My first time eating kale. ‘Gingered Kale and Tofu’ from the Simply in Season cookbook.

Tasty. As all vegetables are.


3 thoughts on “a set of days

  1. patte in sc says:

    Morning from South Carolina. I’ve followed your blog since living in Rhode Island. Last year, I just started eating kale regularly. Much like I throw spinach into lots of things, I do the same with kale. How was the ginger kale and tofu–I’m intrigued.

    • Sarah says:

      Patte, it was really tasty. I highly recommend the book. It’s crammed full of ways to eat fruit and vegetables. I just adjust the oil amounts because I’m careful to get ‘just enough’ good oils.

  2. Kristen says:

    We are realizing new vegetables all the time. Did you know brussel sprouts are really good?! (We cooked them in oil with garlic salt and pepper. YUM!)

    I enjoyed visiting your blog!

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