She’s 15 today and danced her first solo at the Festival of the Arts. Her Michael Jackson tap routine won Gold in the under 14 category.

It’s one of those times as a mother when I can feel my heart just cracking open even further at her maturity, her poise. I can see that she won’t be mine forever; I can also see that she’ll do just fine.

15th Birthday!
(She’s on the far right.)


7 thoughts on “15

  1. thebirdssong says:

    Happy birthday and congratulations on the medal! It’s my daughter’s tenth birthday today. I think the definition of bittersweet was created by a mother watching her daughter grow. It’s heart-wrenching and beautiful all at once.

  2. Kelly says:

    Waaaheeeeyyyy!!! What a way to spend your birthday!!!
    Congratulations Sandra!
    I was in dance too growing up, I did solo’s and I had a partner I did duets with. The first ever duet we did was put into the under 14 category. There were girls farrrr older than us in the category I think we were only 9 at the time… the youngest you could be anyway. We ended up winning gold in the category but when they announced our number we were looking up and down the line trying to figure out who had won that is until we heard our mum’s hooping and hollering and realized it was us.
    Congrats again!!

  3. Kimberley Schaeffer says:

    Way to go Sandra! Happy Belated Birthday. We were at the festival on Saturday and Sunday too (Gabrielle danced her 6 and under cat. “A Happy Song”) So cute! My heartstrings were tugging then….I can only imagine what it must be like when she gets older! I hear you Sarah! By the way, Sandra, you danced beautifully in the Tango. I hope Gabrielle grows up to dance like that some day 🙂

  4. Sharon says:

    Happy Birthday Sandra! 15 means only 6 months to driver’s ed! My daughter, Holly, is 15 1/2 and now learning to drive and loving every minute of it!

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