book nook

The back room is a bit of an irritation. It’s had a lot of faces since we moved here 10 years ago. We tried it as our living room, our dining room, a school room. Lately it’s been little more a place to store our bookshelves as well as the home of our beloved treadmill. That’s frustrating because this is a small house, and to have a room that was not living up to its potential is foolish. Additionally, it’s the sunniest room and the only room with windows you can gaze out of when seated.




I had an idea few weeks ago: a book nook. I have long wanted a sofa without a TV in front of it. I was a reader before a watcher. The omnipresence of screens in our living space is an irritation.

Why not carve a little reading corner out right in front of two of the windows? A place to sit and read. Sit and think. Sit and gaze.

It was meant to be: our first trip to a furniture store netted us a loveseat that was a floor model they wanted to clear out.

Not After, but During. I say this is ‘during’, because the love seat alone has appeared. We want an armchair, a small bookshelf, a footstool with storage for blankets, and a lamp.


Jan 24 - 366:24


In use with two of us tucked in together

book nook-ing


It’s seen heavy use. Everyday someone is using it, and not just me. Tias seems to treasure its feeling of being set aside. And I love the light. I am a light-seeking being in winter.

It does need some art. Perhaps this piece that I painted for Rainer for Christmas from a sketch of his hometown I made when we were there in 2008. It was my first time attempting acrylic on canvas and I’m happy. I just used the craft acrylics we had on hand, not even ‘real painting acrylic’.

Wittlich, Germany


2 thoughts on “book nook

  1. Kristen says:

    I love it! I’ve always wanted a reading nook. Right now I make due with my living room chair…I just turn it around when I want some sunshine on me in the winter. It makes a great place to relax and re-motivate this homeschool mom!

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