putting it all together

You’ve no doubt heard of Pintrest – half bulletin board, half social network.  I first heard of it from designers and artists, people who enthused about having a chance to have multiple design inspiration boards for their online scavenger huntings.  It sounded very nice, for them.  As for me, I wasn’t in a place where paint and composition were whispering in my ear and I passed it by.

Something clicked, though, and I’ve realized it is much more than design inspiration.  It is visual bookmarking.

Imagine, for instance, a single place to store all your science experiment links.  A place to display all the homemade Christmas tree ornaments that you were thinking of making.  A visual guide to all the ideas for your next trip. A board for the cool charts that you’d like to make to teach your kids chores/constellations/history.

With Pintrest, you can ‘pin’ any website you like as long as there’s an image.   And these days, there’s almost always an image with a link.

Right now I’m pinning exercise ideas, motivational quotes, geeky humour, style ideas, homeschooling inspiration, and even photos that slow me down and invite me on a mental vacation.

Find me here.


3 thoughts on “putting it all together

  1. Jen says:

    I have been using Pinterest for awhile now–I like it for saving recipes from the many food blogs I read. I also use it for keeping track of fun crafts to do with my Sparks. I am following some of your boards now too!

  2. skywind says:

    Oh, pinterest lets you do multiple boards! I never realized. That makes it so much more useful! 1,001 interests at a time, that’s me. 🙂

  3. Jen says:

    I’m still waiting for an invite. I have found myself on a quest to use things like Pintrest and other digital technologies as a means of integrating student interest into teaching both my own kids and the kids the university assigns to me.

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