a socially acceptable blanket

Talking with my sister, we have realized that I am on the quest for a socially acceptable blanket to wear. I can be wearing a wool hat, a wool sweater, wool socks, and still be cold in the house in winter! So I’ll grab a blanket and wear it like a very sturdy but ugly and oversized shawl. Thus began the quest for a socially acceptable (not to mention flattering) blanket. I still want to knit a worsted weight shawl, but I can’t decide if I’d like it to be rectangular or triangular.


Inspira Cowl


My first larger colourwork project. A fabulously warm, wearable accessory. And an addictive process: I would have gladly started a second immediately if I’d had the yarn.

Inspira Cowl, free Ravelry download

Yarn: Marks & Kattens Big Trend, colours 400 & 403


I really liked the yarn shop we visited in Orlando: Sip & Knit. She was friendly and has a good selection of yarns, many of which were new to me. I tried on the sample she’d made of this pattern mostly to be polite, but it made me realize the amount of warmth and the feeling of care this sort of garment can give. It is a bit like a hug. And I needed a project that would give me lots of knitting since we would be driving 4 days to bring my in-laws’ van back to Canada.  What better time to practice knitting with yarn in both hands?

As the shop owner recommended, I used the patterning for fingering called Steampunk because the yarn more of a thin worsted. If I were to do this again, I think I’d change needle sizes for each third rather than attempting decreases so that the staggering colour-blocks stay staggered.  I decreased extra stitches in the last few inches so that it wouldn’t just gape forward at the top.

The yarn is soft, a much nicer version of Kuryeon, with a bit of a halo.  I’ll be on the lookout for more.


3 thoughts on “a socially acceptable blanket

  1. Kelly says:

    This would be a good thing to have when I have to travel on a plane. I am ALWAYS freezing no matter what I wear. Last year we were in the London airport and I was standing up at the flights board to check departure’s because our plane was delayed. I had T’s blanket wrapped around me like a cape because I just couldn’t get warm after freezing during the flight. 🙂
    Love the colours against the grey!

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