Blue Period

While we were gone, I had a fabulous time knitting up things for myself. Knowing that I was creating a bank of accessories to deal with the cold was very comforting. And it was lovely to rediscover my very first favourite colour: blue. It is the first colour to which I can remember having an emotional connection. Perhaps my blue eyes sealed the deal. It’s funny that I can forget how flattering this colour can be.

Tuesday Night Cowl
Tuesday Night Cowl

Pattern: free on Ravelry

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease chunky

Tuesday Night Cowl

Don’t be fooled by how uninspired and lumpy the cabling looks when you work it and when it’s flat. Put it on, though, and it folds and layers like it’s been professionally styled.



Pattern: free Ravelry download Podsters

Yarn: Smooshy in Nightwatch


Pattern: Excess, free download

Yarn: Stroll Sport in Baltic Heather


HitchhikerThen there’s the Hitchhiker I finished before we left in a rich, purply Malabrigo.  Somehow, it seems to belong in the Blue Period.

Would I knit myself a navy v-neck or scoop-neck pullover right now if I had the yarn?  Yes.  Yes, I would.  Perhaps it’s a good thing I don’t, since I am in the process of reknitting the sweater for my father that turned out to be too large.  (And I gave it to him in May.  It’s time to get this going.)  But I am simultaneously knitting a blue sock.  The Blue Period isn’t over.


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