little things and avalanches

I had a great moment the other day.  There was a phone call, and I was dreading answering it a bit because I didn’t recognize the name.  I volunteer as a breastfeeding counselor, and I was thinking it might be an emotional or complicated call right at supper.

Instead of a teary mother, it was a quavering voice, sweet and soft.  An older woman.  She had a few questions about the squares.  Her daughter had seen the poster up at the local Fair Trade shop and brought the idea to her.  She was so pleased to hear about it because she is now legally blind and dislikes being inactive.  “Just sitting about isn’t at all my thing.”

She wondered about shipping and the cost of it, so I offered to pick them up and send them along with the shipment of my own that I’ve been stockpiling for 6 months.  Guess how many she had to send.


And since I said I wasn’t shipping mine for a few weeks, she said she’d keep working at it.  Oh, and she’d tell the other women at her support group. “Some of them are 100, but they’re still sharp and they might like something to do.”

I’ve got about 30 of my own, and expect at least a few more from the appeal I sent out to my local homeschool email group. But after that phone call I couldn’t leave it at that and now I want to add at least a few more.  The latest ezine that KAScare put out was particularly motivating.  The photos of people who volunteer to tackle the mountain of squares and the photos of kids just swathed in layers of yarn were just wonderful.  I decided to try my hand at crocheting them because my ‘To Knit’ list is getting overwhelming and it feels like I’m playing hokey from responsibility this way. I am enjoying the way that crochet feels like building with Lego blocks as you build stitch by stitch.

crochet experiment

The pattern is the Chain Stitch Square.

Which is just to encourage you in what you do.  I had grand plans to get the posters to all the major churches in town, but haven’t managed yet.  But even the few posters I had distributed made a difference.  Little things really do add up.  Squares really do become blankets.  Posters really do change the world.  Conversations really do spark compassion.


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