a quote and a question

Niagara Falls


“Wisdom, Happiness, and Courage are not waiting somewhere out beyond sight at the end of a straight line; they’re part of a continuous cycle that begins right here. They’re not only the ending, but the beginning as well.”

Benjamin Hoff


In a culture determined to frame the world as a linear race, how do you remind yourself of the cycle? of the center?


2 thoughts on “a quote and a question

  1. Brystal Michalkiewicz says:

    We’ve given up on most of the culture. No tv, not much radio, I hardly read the news. We’ve decide to be culture builders (from the bottom up) and I do believe in garbage in, garbage out – to a large extent. So, we only let in our lives what we see as good. The bad seeps in, of course, but we work at chasing it out.

  2. Jen says:

    Call me crazy, but my laundry room is a daily reminder of how cyclical life is. Once I quit beating myself up over the fact that my laundry is never, ever finished, but is just moved from one place to another in a circular fashion, I could see that circle in many other aspects of my life. Zen housekeeper, that’s me!

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