a bit of texture

A few things off the needles lately amidst the flurry of activities. (We haven’t seen any snow flurries yet, happily.)  Thank goodness my favourite pastime goes so well with life, because otherwise I think I’d be a bit nutty. (Or a bit more nutty.)

Sideways into Autumn

Going sideways into autumn.

A hat knit sideways, round about the head. Marina. The Knit Picks Chroma (New England) is kitten soft and the colours are fun to watch as you knit.

getting fancier

getting fancier

getting bored of plain squares

Don’t the cute kids in Africa deserve a little somethin’ fancy?

Simpler than it looks, though. Just a few stripes and then 5 minutes of embroidering french knots and chain stitch.

Hermione's Cable & Eyelet Hat

a gift

Hermione’s Cable & Eyelet Hat

Yarn: tosh vintage, Dahlia colour

Soft Socks

After feeling the socks I knit for Dad this last Christmas, Tias went into tactile overload and turned his best puppy dog eyes on me.

Sport-weight yarn and his preference for short socks added up to a really speedy pair.

Pair 10 of 12 this year


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