thrifty impact

house of pumpkin

House of Pumpkin

This year we had a brainstorm for an easy and cheap decoration. $3 for 2 pkgs of orange tissue paper and 1 sheet of black poster board. We glued the cut-outs to the tissue and taped them to the windows.



5 thoughts on “thrifty impact

  1. Patte in SC says:

    Love it!
    We saved 8 plastic,gallon, milk jugs, drew faces on them, and put in battery-operated tealights. LIned them up on our stairs. Kids loved them, When they were knocked over, no panic, no fire! As we turned off the lights, the jugs went in the recycle bin. Think that was from Family Fun magazine a few years back.

    I’d love to use your idea for next year if okay?

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