today’s topics

Minneapolis sculpture garden
Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Topics covered today include, but are not limited to:


complimentary adjectives which are more specific than ‘nice’ and ‘good’

anger management

the intelligence of a squirrel avoiding our trap

astronomical units



German nouns relating to a living room

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

blood tests



Leo the Late Bloomer

mistakes in knitting

Manitoba geology and geography


time management



One thought on “today’s topics

  1. says:

    Compare with my kids day:

    Homeroom 15 minutes wasted with bathroom passes, late bus etc.
    Each of the next 6 class teaching time intentionally disrupted by students.
    Lunch was described as “inedible”–I guess that would be ‘vocabulary” for today.
    One child spent 25 minutes waiting in line for the principal to “deal with him/her” then got sent back to the office for not having gotten a pass back to class.
    The child with physical education watched boys pound balls into a disliked kid’s head, groin, back and legs–this was considered “education.” The kid got yelled at for walking away from the game.
    In English one child tried to listen to a cd of “To Kill a Mockingbird” while others in the class drove the teacher crazy, went to sleep or drew pictures.

    Yeah–your kids “missed” all that! I understand Art was fun and no one disobeyed. Why? The teacher is cool…..

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