field trip

in which we go on strike

Rainer’s on strike, and today we joined him and the professors on the picket lines for about half an hour.

It’s a good mix with our focus on Canadian civics, politics, and history this year.  After all, later this year Sandra will be reading One Proud Summer about an important strike in Quebec.

Putting a good spin on things is important, right?


3 thoughts on “field trip

  1. Elizabeth says:

    “Putting a good spin on things is important, right?”

    In general yes, and in this case, YES. I love that you’re integrating this into civics, and that you’re emphasizing the importance and history of something that has made Canada into the country it is today. There’s so much that’s frustrating about unions (especially going on strike!), but ultimately, they’re important. Thanks for showing this off.

    Also, its pouring in Ottawa today. Hope its nicer out west, and that Rainer’s strike doesn’t continue.

  2. Patte says:

    Being on strike or protesting is a valuable opportunity for active civic involvement. If my kids had been in-state last spring when teachers were protesting at the statehouse in Rhode Island, I would have taken them with me, just for the experience. I think they would have been amazed at the power of the voices. all the best – patte

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