Fall Sweater Love

I’m really digging the clothes that are in the shops right now.  Texture, layering, knitwear…. I’m not a big shopper, so finding a season full of great clothes is always an unexpected pleasure.  But I’m falling in love with every sweater in the shops when the budget won’t play along.  Grrr.

Then I realized that
1) I’m a knitter
2) I have already ponied up the cash for yarn and it’s waiting at home

Plan: Knit a sweater I’d buy.

Textured Circle Shrug

Pattern: Textured Circle Shrug, available for free

Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash, 865 olive heather

Textured Circle Shrug

Textured Circle Shrug

A lovely, fast knit. It took less than three weeks. People complain about the ribbing section, but I just worked at it steadily – after all, it’s the kind of knitting you can do while reading or watching TV.  The kind of knitting that goes well with life.

Textured Circle Shrug

And now I have a sweater that goes well with fall.


4 thoughts on “Fall Sweater Love

  1. Ann says:

    Beautiful knitting, great pattern and it looks wonderful on you. I might just have to make that pattern for my sister for Christmas.

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