Is it harvest season or sowing time?  Life is so full these days that it’s both at the same time.  I have so much to tell these days that I can’t find a way to start.  I don’t feel as quiet as I seem; under the surface all sorts of exclamations are burbling.

I’m at the tapering stage of preparing for my first marathon.  Phrases such as, “Yes!  Only 2,5 hours to run today!!!” now leave my lips.

Homeschooling is working like never before.  More creative, more nitty gritty, more work, more play than ever.  Canadian Studies is the theme of the year and, with an election in Manitoba underway, it seemed only logical to start with Civics.  We’ve even volunteered on a campaign.

Soccer is still on.  Both teams won this weekend.  Sandra’s off the field, slowly working her way back from a partial tear of her ACL.  But she’s at every practice and every game.  Rainer’s still coaching 5 times a week, even with the semester beginning and students filling the university again.

It feels like a mosaic, a montage, when I try to remember the events from even a day or two.


dry road, water station
dry road, water station


Taken at Treherne, last water stop before the finish line.

Rainer did the marathon, I did the half.

Incredible. Running on the rolling gravel roads through fields of golden stubble, the scent of harvest in the air. A real prairie race.  Hopefully excellent preparation for the hills in Minneapolis.


2 thoughts on “harvest

  1. Jacinda says:

    Rainer coaches 5 times a week and you are training for a marathon. Wah! How do you manage all that. I often feel full with what we define as the basics…I guess it’s what you prioritise as “the basics.”

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