readers, rejoice!

At long last.

If you like books and are Canadian, particularly if you are homeschooling, you’ll be happy.  A Guide to Canadian Children’s Books is what we’ve been looking for.  The Americans have all sorts of lovely book lists of great books placed in chronological order.  Sonlight.  The Well-Trained Mind.  But Canadians have been left asking each other on email groups and piecing together a rough guide.

I’ve been looking for this type of resource since Sandra was 5.  Strangely, that is a year after this book was published. This spring I even phoned the Canadian Children’s Book Centre.  I live with a librarian.*  Somehow, this is a secret, a treasure.

Less about my predicament, more about the resource.  The book is divided into sections – picture books, non-fiction, books for beginning readers, novels 12 and up, etc.  Each book is given that most glorious treatment: a paragraph or two that outlines the plot and leaves you eager to hunt it down.  Short yet enticing isn’t easy.  Yet my favourite part is the ample index at the back: by location; by historical time period; by genre; by topic.

Need a book set in Manitoba?  Need a book on trucks?

Hope it makes you as happy as it makes me this week.  It appears that Google Books has it.  But I think you’ll want to flip through it in your hands, so mosey on down to your library.


* He was the one who found it for me this summer, though.


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