:: Change the world. ::

:: Knit a Squillion Squares ::

:: AIDS orphans shouldn’t be cold. ::


7 of 60 done.

60 is my goal before the end of July. That’s 5 per month, which sounds pretty reasonable when I say it like that. If I designate Friday night Square Night, say, while we watch a movie.  That would be 4 without any trouble.

I’m using a modified version of the Grandma’s Favourite Dishcloth pattern for these.  I kfb and k2tog so that there are no holes.


This is my favourite of the batch.

I simply joined the red colour with an extra long tail.  Once I was done knitting, I sewed the yarn in the back along the stripe until halfway. Then I came up on the right side and began the heart in chain stitch. To get the bottom to point a bit better, I actually secured the loop there as though I was done sewing, then came up in that loop and carried on with the second side.


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