Drifting cardigan

Pattern: Drifting

Yarn: Aslan Trends, colour 1321, 4.8 skeins


Drifting cardigan

You can see in this shot that the back has extra fabric and billows a little.  I did knit it longer than called for. 12.25” instead of 10.75”, which actually reduced the look of billowing since it was no longer at my waist but the wider area of the upper hips. I’ve got a long torso.

I love having a draping, open, short-sleeved sweater in this weight of yarn, though. I finished it in time to wear in the AC of the movie theater while watching the last Harry Potter movie.


Drifting cardigan

I really dig the diagonal lines of the front, but I’m a little uncertain about the amount of fabric in the armpit. Yet I don’t know how I’d change that if I were to try it again. I followed the pattern recommendations and knit it with a bit of ease.  Maybe no ease would have been better?  Sleeves fit perfectly though, so since this has only whetted my appetite for fingering weight sweaters, I plan to use the pattern’s figures for a more traditional raglan cardigan.

Drifting cardigan

This took me over 3km for the Stash Dash 5K.  Knitting on…


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