new hats

Woolly Wormhead’s new book Bambeanies is now available for preorder, and I am happy that I can talk about one of the hats I test knit.  I can only talk about one, since she’s releasing the patterns at a rate of 3 per week.  I love it when designers do that.  It lets me look at patterns and appreciate them, and it builds excitement.

Queenie is simple but delightful with slipped stitches and garter ridges. It’s not quite a beret, not just a beanie. A really cool hat.  Check out that link for a better view of the shape from the side.  And a super-dee-dooper cute model.

Queenie hat

The hats in this book are wonderful, and the size range means these aren’t just for kids.  Queenie is certainly one I can see a lot of women wearing well.  I knit the smallest size, which means I can’t wear it and my photos lack that certain something that a human model gives a photo.  But a baby will be found, I’ve no doubt.

I over-dyed some Knit Picks Swish DK so that the garter and the slipped stitches could really play around.  The colour was tricky to capture, but I wanted to show you the clever crown shaping.

Queenie hat

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